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Oldham County, KY


Oldham County is seeing a lot of residential and commercial development lately as a result of people seeking new neighborhoods and homes outside of Louisville’s East End. Sitting northeast of Louisville along the Ohio River, Oldham County is both picturesque and progressive. Residents of the cities and towns within Oldham County have the best of both worlds—a more rural setting that is close to the hustle and bustle of Louisville.

Oldham County real estate is highly desirable right now, and home buyers are wise to check it out as an option for the greater Louisville area. There are all kinds of homes for sale in Oldham County, from brand new planned communities to more rustic properties with acreage for animals. When home buyers get serious about buying Oldham County real estate, they are delighted at all their housing options.

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Oldham County has a population of approximately 63,000 residents and the county seat is the city of La Grange, which has a population of approximately 10,000 residents. Historically, Oldham County was first formed from surrounding counties and was primarily agricultural in nature until the Louisville and Frankfort Railroad Company arrived in the 1850s. Like many rural areas, towns and cities soon followed and more people moved to the area after WWII as roads improved and suburban developments enticed them. Today, Oldham County is a thriving place to live, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Oldham County is bordered by Trimble County, Henry County, Shelby County, Jefferson County and Indiana’s Clark County on the north, across the Ohio River. Besides La Grange, cities and towns in Oldham County include Centerfield, Goshen, Park Lake, River Bluff, Ballardsville, Buckner and Crestwood, among others. The rural vibe is what makes many of these communities so attractive to residents and tourists alike. Oldham County also has one of the top-performing public school systems in the state and remains a perennial favorite for families looking for the best education options for their children.

When it comes to things to see and do, Oldham County provides plenty of opportunities for residents. As the “Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky,” there are lots of working farms open to the public where visitors can see and touch animals, enjoy fresh food, and experience farm life up close. Trains are another big draw, with real freight trains that run through historic downtown La Grange. The train observation tower is another part of the railroad experience in Oldham County. Other things to do in Oldham County include visiting high end bourbon distilleries, a winery, Sleepy Hollow Golf Course and Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. All in all, residents of Oldham County will enjoy their time to recreate and enjoy where they live.

Home buyers looking to buy a home in the greater Louisville area would be wise to expand their search into Oldham County. With a wide selection of house sizes, building styles and price ranges, the homes for sale in Oldham County will definitely deliver exactly what each home buyer is seeking. It’s no surprise that Oldham County real estate is so desirable right now, because the quality and quantity of homes are attracting a lot of attention.