The Perception Of Selling A Vacant or Staged Home

Selling a vacant home vs. selling a staged home

Greg: Welcome to this edition of the Louisville Luxury Homes podcast series, brought to you by Jon Mand, with Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty. Jon, as always, good to see you. Jon: Great to see you, Greg. Greg: I have a question for you. When I’m out showing homes, I get this question a lot from […]

Creating Value Through Home Renovations


On site at a client’s new renovation project. For those that are up to the task, home renovations can provide an opportunity to create value, broaden a home’s appeal and, of course, end up with a home finished exactly as desired. Whether it’s purchasing a home in need of TLC or upgrading a current home […]

New Construction Market Gains Momentum


Last week’s recap of 2014’s existing home sales only told part of the story. This week we turn our attention to the harder to track, but vitally important new construction market. As a proxy for new construction starts I have compiled the statistics for lot sales from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors MLS with particular […]